Workshop on Metonymy
6th - 8th October, 2000

Invited Speakers:
The workshop proceedings are now available as SFB Report 2000/01.
Workshop Programme

1 st of Sept.:
Short abstracts of invited speakers are sent to Hannes Rieser and placed into the WEB. Please indicate your latest reports, papers etc. which one could consult.
1st of Oct.:
Extended abstracts (approx. 2 pages) by invited speakers are due.

Date of arrival at Bielefeld: 5th of Oct. (Thursday)
Workshop: 6th and 7th of October (Friday, Saturday)
Departure: 8th of October (Sunday)

1. 1.5 to 2 hours' slots for invited speakers' talks
2. Common effort sessions on problems of general interest (comparison of approaches, trade offs, research perspectives)
Hotel rooms (at Hotel "Mercure am Niederwall") will be reserved for the invited speakers. In case you do not want to make use of the reservation, please tell Hannes Rieser.
General Information:
The conference language will be English. The workshop is open to researchers working on metonymy and related issues. We'll fix shorter slots for their talks, but we can't provide funding for them. Perhaps you can pass on the information to colleagues who look for an appropriate forum to discuss their research. You could do us a favour, if you included depictional metonymies (related to maps, pictures, models, fancy virtual reality things) in your example sets.
Hannes Rieser (Bielefeld Univ.)
Josef Meyer-Fujara (Univ. of Applied Sciences, Stralsund)

This workshop will be hosted by the Cognitive Science Research Unit SFB 360 - Situated Artificial Communicators, at Bielefeld University.

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