Universität Bielefeld - Sonderforschungsbereich 360

Integration of Natural Language and Vision Processing

Paul Mc Kevitt, University of Sheffield


Although there has been much progress in developing theories, models and systems in the areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Vision Processing (VP) there has been little progress on integrating these two subareas of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It is not clear why there has not already been much activity in integrating NLP and VP. Is it because of the long-time reductionist trend in science up until the recent emphasis on chaos theory, non-linear systems, and emergent behaviour? Or, is it because the people who have tended to work on NLP tend to be in other Departments, or of a different ilk, to those who have worked on VP?

NLP and VP can be integrated into a single model and computer system architecture. An application domain is that of reconstructing complex blood vessel structures called vasculatures. The proposed architecture incorporates a single knowledge representation for representing knowledge about blood vessel structures. The input to the system will be in the form of X-ray angiograms and clinical reports associated with those angiograms.

The integration of vision and language processing has implications for artificial intelligence, psychology, philosophy, and computer science.

Anke Weinberger, 1995-09-27