CONFUCIUS: An intelligent multimedia storytelling interpretation and presentation system

Paul Mc Kevitt

School of Computing & Intelligent Systems, Faculty of Engineering
University of Ulster, Magee
Northern Ireland

One of the most difficult tasks in Computing and Artificial Intelligence is to develop systems which can interpret and tell stories. We are developing a computer system called CONFUCIUS which focuses on story interpretation and multimodal presentation. The long-term goal is for CONFUCIUS to receive input natural language stories or (play/movie) scripts and present them with 3D animation, speech and non-speech audio (sound effects). CONFUCIUS' knowledge base contains language and visual knowledge (e.g. dictionary, syntactic parser) and visual knowledge (3D models of characters, props and animations of actions). Currently CONFUCIUS is able to visualise single sentences which contain action verbs, e.g. "Paul left the gym", and "Eunice gave Paul a loaf of bread." CONFUCIUS has three levels of multimodal semantic representation with an XML-based high-level semantics, intermediate-level semantics represented in Lexical Visual Semantic Representation based on Jackdoff's Lexical Conceptual Structure (LCS) and enhanced with Schank's scripts and low-level semantics in VRML. CONFUCIUS is implemented in Java and VRML, uses the H-anim standard for character modelling and animation, and has potential applications in computer games, movie/drama production and training and education.

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